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Off the On Beat - 2017 MMus Sonic Arts Edition

Off the On Beat was performed again at the showcase of the due-to-be graduating MMus Sonis Arts students It used the same material as it did in Leeds, however, this time the trio did not swap laptops. This was due to the experiment of using diffrent live coding environments in the same piece. For example, Matthew used Sonic Pi.

Again, the piece was met with enthusiasm by the audience.

Off the On Beat - Leeds edition

Off the On Beat is a fifteen minute composition for three live coders. It was developed by Mark, Bea and, Matthew, and with support from the other Shift-Enter members. Off the On Beat contains a very challenging and entertaining final section where the three coders continually swap laptops and alter eachother's code. As many laptop-based performances recieve heavy criticism for their lack of visuals, Off the On Beat was recieved very well when the trio gave its first performance at the Sounds Like THIS Festival at Leeds College of Music in March, 2017.

Many audience members complimented the group saying that it was their favourite performance of the day. Despite many not being familiar with live-coding, the audience apreciated the difficulty and the unusual performance elements the piece.



Quote/unQuote was born out of Matthew's idea for a Shift-Enter composition. As such, Matthew headed the project with Mark and Bea also performing. The trio performed this piece at Aberdeen's Satrosphere Science Centre as part of Aberdeen's Sound Festival where it was met with great enthusiasm from the audience.


Unorthodox was the first group collaboration of the new 2016-2017 lineup. For Ed, Kata, Kyr, and Matthew it was their first taste of performing as part of a live-coding ensemble. Due to the nature of this method of performance and composition, many of the sounds used were a product of the group just experimenting with sound. This 'stumbled across' sound gave the piece its name of Unorthodox.

The piece was performed as part of the 2016 SonADA festival. Similarly to the performance at the Sir Duncan Rice Library earlier in the year, the six performers sat at the front of the audience in a line.

Transmogrification Initialised

This piece was composed and performed by Stuart. Instead of reading a description, click on the link below to hear the recording

Listen to Transmogrification Initialised here

Go to Stuart's website by clicking here

Some More Context

This piece was composed by Mark for the six members of Shift-Enter (Mark, Jun, Bea, Jamie, Stuart, and John) to perform at a gig in the Sir Duncan Rice Library on the Aberdeen University campus. The piece was based on a previous fixed media composition by Mark and Bea called Some Context, more information of which can be found at the following links:

Read about Some Context

Listen to Some Context

The piece uses the same samples of people saying every letter of the alphabet and develops a very interesting texture as the group follow a set of recommended instructions.

Glass Holes and Mario at the Beach - Cumbernauld Edition

Glass Holes and Mario at the Beach were also performed in the Cumbernauld Theater. As is the nature of semi-improvised live performances, every time Shift Enter performs a piece it is slightly different from before. The group at this gig contained Mark, Bea, Simon, John, Jamie, Stuart, and Rae who developed sound-responsive visuals.

Cumbernauld Theater has its stage in the middle of the hall with the permenant seating surrounding it on three sides. As Shift Enter likes to take a less conventional approach to performances, the members are sat in the seating around the stage with the audience members sat in the stage. Each member had a monitor in front of them displaying their code. Similarly to their performance in the Suttie Arts Centre, the audience were encouraged to move around the room to watch the different members type.

Mario at The Beach

Mario was first premiered at Aberdeen's Da Dee At Festival, which took place along the Aberdeen beach promenade. The piece utilised sound clips from many classic games such as Super Mario and Space Invaders and was more beat-based than the group's previous works. It was composed as a collaboration with the members Mark, Bea, Simon, John, Stuart, and Jamie. A clip of the piece can be found here:

Mario at the Beach - Da Dee At

Shift Enter performed Glass Holes at this event, as well. For this performance, the group stood and sat at the edge of a sheltered alcove and performed to passers by and people who had stopped to hear the whole piece. Aparently, the music could be heard as far as the city centre.


Glass Holes

'Glass Holes' was first performed at the Sutie Arts Space in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in 2015. The piece was a collaboration between Sonic Arts Masters students Bea, Mark, Stuart, John, and Masters in Composition student, Simon. The piece was created using only samples of glass bottle sounds such as smashing, rolling, and tapping for example. It received a second performance in 2016 at Aberdeen's Da Dee At Festival by the beach.

In Sutie, each performer was stationed in a different part of the room wither their code being projected onto the wall behind them. Some performers were standing, others were sitting on the floor, and some were even lying down. Whilst the chairs were set up in the centre of the room, the audience members were encouranged to walk about and have a closer look/listen at what each individual member was doing.

Where Did You Come From?

'Where Did You Come From?' Was Shift-Enter's first composition. It was a collaboration between Jun, Mark, Bea, and Simon and was performed at Aberdeen Universoty's May Festival. It contains samples of different people asking the questions: "Where did you come from?" "What will you do today?" "How did you get here?" and a few others. There were also samples of people responding to these questions either truthfully or not. Our favourite response was someone claiming that they floated across the Atlantic Ocean on a raft made of bear skins.

The performance set up was all four performers sat at desks in the middle of the room with speakers around the edge of the room and the audience surrounding the performers. There were also two screens, one at each and of the room, displaying the code that Shift-Enter was working with.

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