What is Shift Enter?

This is a question that has been at the core of some of the issues and developments that we have had as a group since we started in 2014.  We began as a small experiment by Dr. Suk-Jun Kim as a four-piece group that would perform for the Aberdeen University May Festival that year.  We didn’t have a name, we simply sat down and performed a piece using TidalCycles and that was it.  In the years that followed we began to integrate ourselves more with the Sonic Arts postgraduate community at the University and adopted the name Shift-Enter after the command to run the code in TidalCycles.  We continued to perform at a few different events over the coming years and our lineups changed to accommodate the fluctuations in student membership.

As of 2018, we have redefined ourselves once more as a collective of experimental artists.  We still maintain our core practice of Live Coding which will be ever-present in our practice, but now we branch out and open ourselves to other aspects of life as a practising experimental artist, particularly within sound art.

Currently, we have branched out to several independent projects that all fall under the Shift-Enter leadership:

  1. Enter: – Our monthly concert series, headed by Mark Dunsmore
  2. shift.dev – Our fortnightly workshop series, headed by Bea Dunsmore
  3. Academics Anonymous – Our fortnightly research support group, headed by Tom Michie
  4. Insert Laff Track Here – Our fortnightly podcast, headed by Matthew Harazim

The overall organisation of the group is handled by Mark Dunsmore and is supervised by Dr. Suk-Jun Kim.

If any of this interests you at all then please feel free to get in touch.  We are very easy going and insist on having a good time whilst working together.  We also have regular games nights between the group and other fun activities.